Butterfly Photographer's Handbook: A Comprehensive Reference for Nature Photographers

An in-depth examine butterflies and the way to most sensible catch them on movie, this attention-grabbing instruction manual is equivalent components box consultant and images guide. an entire evaluate of the winged creatures’ ecological approach is supplied, which information every thing from species id and the behavior and habitats of North American butterflies to differentiating moths from butterflies and studying the place and whilst you should locate those attractive bugs. Armed with a superb figuring out of butterfly biology, photographers can then with ease discover the technological facets of nature images. Composition, white stability, concentration, and publicity suggestion is combined with necessary pointers on utilizing a flash and electronic manipulation.

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This used to be outfitted round a Bogen mount and featured flash-unit holders which may be adjusted in both path. at the left mount, I put a Sunny Boy flash (a very low-cost flash that makes use of one AAA battery) with a folded-over Kleenex taped to front. This was once hooked up to the new shoe. A moment Sunny Boy, put on the ideal mount, held a slave unit that flashed immediately whilst the 1st flash fired. It too was once lined with a white Kleenex. whilst fired, the devices produced a gradual gentle that prolonged out round 24 inches. the consequences have been nice and that i used that process up until eventually the early 2000s, while the 1st Nikon F100 got here out with a brand new flash process that supplied rather striking flash—and i used to be nonetheless capable of pack the diffusers with a few paper to additional diffuse the topic. considering then, i've got moved directly to the Nikon D100 with SB-28 flash unit, to the D200 with the SB-800 and one among Gary Fong’s gentle diffusers (www. garyfong. com), and now to the D300 and D700 with the Quantum QFlash. as a rule the consequences are quite dramatic. I nonetheless, in spite of the fact that, desire a muted flash and may attempt different options—including utilizing my palms over the diffuser, bouncing the flash off a diffuser, pointing the flash instantly up whereas utilizing the pull-up diffuser, or different diversifications utilizing Gary Fong’s diffusers. when you have an assistant, you may have much more options—you can flow your flash off the digicam. in case you have an assistant, you will have much more options—you can flow your flash off the digicam. to do that, you would like a cable (e. g. , Nikon SC-17 or SC28) that attaches at one finish on your scorching shoe and to the flash at the different finish. With this setup, your assistant can flow the flash nearer in or extra again as you would like. they could even leap the flash backwards right into a white reflector or via a white umbrella. Flash can be used to trap a butterfly in flight. to do that, set your camera’s shutter pace to the flash sync pace (usually 1/125 to 1/250 second). Then, dial down your flash unit’s energy to a low output point. In vivid solar, the flash will produce a truly brief pulse of sunshine that are supposed to support seize the butterfly flying approximately. regrettably, it occasionally calls for using multiple flash unit to paintings properly—and getting the digicam to target the erratic flight trend of a butterfly takes extra ability than I appear to own! additional Diffusion putting a white Kleenex within a plastic flash diffuser provides an additional layer of diffusion. even if, utilizing paper subsequent to a couple flash unit will be harmful! a few flash devices produce loads of warmth and paper touching the flash may perhaps seize hearth. seek advice the guide that got here along with your flash to figure out if this method can be utilized appropriately. If now not, you may as well tape paper at the outdoor of a plastic flash diffuser to melt the sunshine. As this booklet was once nearing finishing, i bought Nikon D300 and D700 cameras and experimented utilizing a Nikon SB-800 Flash unit set on guide and dialed all the way down to the various lowest settings (1/32, 1/64, or 1/128 second).

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Butterfly Photographer's Handbook: A Comprehensive Reference for Nature Photographers
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