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Unbroken Chain: A Forgotten Realms Novel (Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms)

By Jaleigh Johnson

A hero trapped at the fringe of mild and dark...

Ashok is a shadar-kai of the Shadowfell who's delivered to the town of Ikemmu, a haven of shadar-kai who've realized to take advantage of their fierce want for adrenalin and hazard to higher their urban and their civilization. even though he begins out wanting to locate the weaknesses within the unusual city’s armor and go back with them to his vicious enclave, Ashok unearths himself drawn in through the town.

As he struggles to discover a stability for himself, his family members reveals the how to carry down town at the Shadowfell’s border.

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Cold Steel and Secrets: A Neverwinter Novella, Part I

By Rosemary Jones

Despatched through the secret agent grasp of Neverwinter to enquire a gaggle of rebels, Rucas Sarfael unearths a invaluable adversary within the appealing fencing grasp Elyne. Matching wits and blades with the insurgent chief, Rucas strives to turn out himself and upward thrust within the insurgent ranks in part 1 of this four-part novella set within the well known urban of Neverwinter through fan favourite Rosemary Jones.

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Rules Compendium: An Essential Dungeons & Dragons Compendium (4th Edition D&D)

By Jeremy Crawford

A brief and convenient principles reference and advisor for the Dungeons & Dragons® delusion Roleplaying Game.

This convenient and accomplished Dungeons & Dragons ebook is meant as a brief principles reference. It comprises the entire middle principles for the 4th version Dungeons & Dragons delusion Roleplaying Game.
In addition to offering an summary of the sport and the way it’s performed, this publication offers the center principles in a structure that's simply referenced in the course of a online game. It comprises details on point development, strive against, event issues, treasure, abilities, apparatus, and extra.

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Road of the Patriarch (Forgotten Realms: The Sellswords, Book 3)

By R.A. Salvatore

Discover the brain of an murderer in R.A. Salvatore's intriguing end to The Sellswords Trilogy!

The drow mercenary Jarlaxle and his significant other, the human murderer Artemis Entreri, have started to make a house for themselves within the rugged Bloodstone Lands. yet now not everyone seems to be able to belief a guy who is spent his lifestyles killing for coin, less a member of a race of subterranean elves recognized for his or her fanatical devotion to a demon goddess. in the event that they have the desire to make it out of the Bloodstone Lands alive, they will need to discover ways to belief their enemies, and be suspicious in their pals.

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Tomb of Horrors: A 4th Edition D&D Super Adventure

By Ari Marmell, Scott Fitzgerald Gray

The deadliest dungeon within the D&D® global returns!

For generations, the Tomb of Horrors™ has held an inescapable attract. It attracts adventurers to it like a beacon then devours them completely like a few significant predator. inside of its sepulchral, trap-ridden halls and chambers lay the secrets and techniques and treasures of the demilich Acererak and, a few say, the demilich himself.
Tomb of Horrors incorporates a modular layout that enables Dungeon Masters to construct campaigns round the occasions herein, or decide and select from a few of the chapters to be used as standalone adventures. It offers numerous demanding situations, from complex strive against encounters to traps and methods evocative of the vintage Tomb of Horrors adventure.
This D&D experience is designed for characters of 10th–22nd point and contains a full-color, double-sided conflict map designed to be used with D&D Miniatures.

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Pathfinder Player Companion: Dragon Empires Primer

By Colin McComb, Tim Hitchcock

  • Enter the magical land of Tian Xia — the Dragon Empires — a brand new realm for gamers to discover. Player-friendly descriptions of greater than two-dozen international locations, new features for every, info on 5 new personality races (the birdlike tengu, the shapechanging foxlike kitsune, the shadow-wreathed wayang, the reptilian nagaji, and the spirit-bound samsaran), notes on neighborhood religions, new Asia-inspired archetypes, feats and martial arts kinds, magic goods, spells, and a procedure to trace honor and dishonor offer quite a few fascinating personality options.
  • Each bimonthly Pathfinder Companion comprises a number of player-focused articles exploring the volume’s topic in addition to brief articles with cutting edge new ideas for social, magic, non secular, and combat-focused characters, in addition to qualities to raised anchor the participant to the campaign.

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The Thousand Orcs (Forgotten Realms: The Hunter's Blades Trilogy, Book 1)

By R.A. Salvatore

The latest long island Times best-seller from R.A. Salvatore, now in paperback!

The Thousand Orcs is another most sensible unlock from most popular Forgotten Realms writer R.A. Salvatore. This mass marketplace reprint focuses totally on his signature personality, Drizzt Doourden, who has been the topic of so much of Salvatore's best-selling titles for Wizards of the Coast, Inc. This identify features a pattern bankruptcy from the author's subsequent hardcover, The Lone Drow.

One darkish Elf.

Two Enchanted Blades.

One Unknown Enemy.

And a Horde of Invaders.

When a blood-thirsty band of orcs led through an as-yet-unseen enemy comes rampaging out of the backbone of the area, it lays waste to every thing in its course. darkish elf ranger Drizzt Do’Urden and his such a lot depended on acquaintances locate themselves within the direction of destruction. As blades curb and toes trample, even the heroes would possibly not live on a determined stand.

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Traps & Treachery (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.0 Fantasy Roleplaying)

Traps & Treachery is the definitive d20 approach source for traps, tips, puzzles, and poisons. Traps & Treachery includes greater than 60 entire descriptions of magic and mechanical traps, all fantastically illustrated, precise guidance on capture layout and type, accomplished principles for developing and utilizing poisons, new status sessions, new abilities, new feats, new apparatus, new magic goods, the Thievery clerical area, and extra.

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